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Driving after 80: Strategies for Staying Behind the Wheel

RSAR Building 5650 Riggins Court, Reno, NV

We all intuitively know that our well being is fundamental to our health and overall happiness.   Having a car and our own set of keys ranks right up there with having air to breathe and fresh water to drink – it’s hard to imagine being without. That said, having a car and a license […]

Cutting the Clutter

RSAR Building 5650 Riggins Court, Reno, NV

Chances are if you are like most Americans, you have more stuff than you need, want, or know what to do with. This is especially true if you have lived in the same house for over 25 years. So, if you are planning a future move or simply want to simplify life a bit, what […]

Aging Gracefully and the Fountain of Youth

RSAR Building 5650 Riggins Court, Reno, NV

Some people love it, some people hate it, but regardless of your personal feelings, exercise and physical activity are great for you — period.   A key factor to aging well is movement – which helps to keep your joints, muscle and memory strong! Scientific evidence shows that people who are active not only live […]

Trusts, Wills, Probate & Guardianship

RSAR Building 5650 Riggins Court, Reno, NV

Times have certainly changed regarding the way estates are handled after someone passes away. It’s not as simple as one may think, especially when the wishes of the deceased were never specified in writing.   But what documents are necessary and most appropriate?   How do these instruments work within the probate process?   Expert […]

Going from We to Me

RSAR Building 5650 Riggins Court, Reno, NV

Losing a lifelong partner who shared in life’s many responsibilities such as finances, home maintenance, cooking or arranging social activities can leave a giant void.   Inevitably, most of us must one day face the reality of going from “We” to “Me”.   This month we will look at what “We” can do to be […]

Squeezing More Out of Life as We Age to 100

RSAR Building 5650 Riggins Court, Reno, NV

The most recent data indicates there are approximately 92,000 Centenarians living in the United States. This is up from 82,000 in 2016. While we may not “think” we will live this long, we certainly might. For some, this is exciting news, however for many, becoming a centenarian is not a rite of passage they ever […]